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OSO Mattress

OSO Mattress


Not all foams are created equal


Latex Layer

1.5’’ of premium Talalay latex goes through a careful washing process so it won’t irritate sensitive skin. Plus, it’s naturally hypoallergenic, dust-mite resistant, and free of harmful chemical emissions.

Float Layer

1.5’’ of RevTechTM foam sets you up to float into dreamland. This layer is designed in tandem with the top latex layer to be breathable, cool, and promote air flow.

DreamCell™ Foam Springs

More durable than spring coils and the secret sauce to the comfort of OSO mattresses, our dream cells are crafted from pillowy latex for high durability and comfort.

RevTech™ Foam

Many foams are unfortunately a source of harmful chemicals, but our 6’’ RevTech™ support layer is free of heavy metals, formaldehydes, VOCs, and without dangerous off-gassing.

Top Knit

This impossibly soft gray waterfall cover zips off and can be dry cleaned.


Change your mind as often as you want

The OSO mattress stands out from the crowd because we give you both a soft and firm option in the same bed. Since your pressure points are concentrated in between your shoulders and hips, we zero in on the support in those areas. Simply rotate the bed 180 degrees to find your preference.

Product Preview

Product Details

Size & Dimensions

38" x 74" x 9" (35 lbs)

38" x 80" x 9" (38 lbs)

54" x 74" x 9" (50 lbs)

59" x 80" x 9" (59 lbs)

76" x 80" x 9" (76 lbs)

72" x 84" x 9" (76 lbs)

Materials & Construction

  • We are committed to maintaining a 2 lb density or higher in our foams to ensure durability.
  • Fabric made in South Carolina.
  • 1.5” of premium Talalay latex with a 14-16 ILD range and 3 lb density, made in the USA.
  • 1.5” of 2 lb pcf foam, made in the USA.
  • 6” of 2 lb pcf RevTech foam made in the USA.
  • DreamCell foam springs have 4 and 5 lb natural latex


We think the USA makes great materials for beds—that’s why we design, create, and manufacture from our offices and manufacturing facilities in Michigan, New York, and Massachusetts.


  • Q: How cool is this mattress?
  • A: This mattress is designed to promote optimal temperature regulation, and that includes lots of breathability—which means a cool sleep!
  • Q: Do I need a box spring?
  • A: Nope, you can put this mattress right on the ground if you want. You can also use a slatted bed base, pallets, or even a rigid box spring if you prefer your bed off the ground.
  • Q: Is the bed split left/right or head/foot?
  • A: Head/foot. Just rotate the mattress for a different level of firmness!
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Brighton, MI
04:17 PM
I love my OSO
This bed is amazing. You will not find a more comfortable or versatile bed at this price!! 10/10 would recommend.
10:05 PM
Happy Guests!
The mattress arrived ahead of schedule in a box that was smaller than I expected. The sales person I spoke to when buying the mattress told me that we should move the box into the room before opening it. We put the mattress in our frame on top of the box spring and as soon as we cut into the plastic the mattress started expanding. The vacuum seal is unreal on these things! Within two minutes we had a regular size mattress. This mattress is absolutely perfect for our guest room! When I called my mom to ask if she preferred a hard or soft mattress for her visit she was grateful to have a choice (she picked soft!). Thanks OSO!
Bend, OR
08:09 PM
Like a cloud, no joke
My OSO mattress is seriously amazing! I love the option between firm and soft and honestly, they both feel great!

Whenever I have friends stay over, my favorite thing is that I can't feel them move at all! I would definitely recommend this mattress to everyone, especially to anyone sharing a bed!

Worth every penny!!
05:39 PM
No more back pain
I had terrible back pain and then started taking tylenol before bed. That helped some, but I would still get up with back pain. We got this new mattress and I haven't had to take Tylenol for my back and I now wake up without pain and can finally enjoy my day!
05:08 PM
Love this bed!
I got my new OSO mattress two weeks ago, and have loved every night of sleeping on it. I've woken up without ANY back pain, unlike the tightness I had every morning on my old mattress.

I also love the versatility of being able to choose soft or firm! I had no idea what my preference was, and the OSO made it easy to take the leap because I wasn't forced to choose. (I've been sleeping on the soft side.) And with their return policy, I had even more peace of mind.

16-20 of 32

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