Detroit Artist Spotlight: Dan Marceau

Dan is a recent graduate of the highly regarded College for Creative Studies in downtown Detroit where Dan specialized in illustration and motion graphics. Dan’s design work appears all over OSO, including the newly designed poster that arrives with every box (pictured here). Name: Dan Marceau Medium: Pen and ink, digital illustration Do you dream in color? Yes! […]

Detroit Artist Spotlight: Tim Gralewski

Tim Gralewski’s iconic style blends the genres of fine art and graphic design to create wall-worthy pieces with a modern twist. His work has an urban feel— clearly reminiscent of the industrial, gritty Detroit aesthetic. When we reached out to collaborate, Tim created this bold visual shoutout of his home city. Name: Time Gralewski Medium: Graphic Design/Fine Art Do you dream in color? […]

Detroit Artist Spotlight: Sooney Kadouh

When the notion of Detroit-themed art came up in the office, Sooney’s work was the first to come to mind. His vivid images of Detroit’s colorful architecture leave a deep impression on the mind and offer an inspiring take on a city that’s rarely seen in technicolor. Name: Sooney Kadouh Preferred medium: Photographic art Do you dream […]

OSO: Born in Detroit

Let’s talk about Detroit. This city is a bit of a phoenix, or so we hope. Detroit used to be called the Paris of the Midwest (not even by sleight of hand: the architecture in the city is gorgeous). Then there were race riots, white flight, suburban sprawl, and the dark days at the Big Three […]