Are Latex Mattresses Safe?

Latex has a few scary connotations: itching, sneezing, allergies. An estimated one to two percent of the population is plagued with latex allergies and the side effects for these folks are downright dangerous. But for the rest of the population, did you know that latex is actually a premium luxury material in the mattress industry? […]

Inside the OSO mattress

People know that sleep is important to their health. And mattresses are a part of that equation. But, finding the right mattress with the right certifications will get you much closer to a healthy night of sleep. It’s important to do your research when buying a new mattress to ensure you aren’t replacing your old […]

OSO x Witchoria Collaboration

She’s young, creative, talented and the Instagram community has taken note. Witchoria’s Victoria Siemer has found her own radical and contemporary take on photographic storytelling showcasing images that beautifully combine make-believe with reality. Her images create fantasies that somehow feel familiar but that we’ve never seen before. Once we started seeing more of Witchoria’s work featuring […]