OSO: Made to Move With You

When we designed the OSO mattress, we injected it with a special wanderlust serum. We wanted to squish it right into the lifestyle of the people that would be hanging out with the OSO. So not only does this mattress make sleep even sweeter, it’s designed to move with you through life transitions. Here’s why: Tough, durable layers. To start, the […]

The OSO philosophy of moving

Deeper thoughts than what you might expect from a mattress company. Moving to a different place? We’ve been there too. Between to-do lists, packing lists, logistics, and the angsty excitement resulting from picking up and settling down somewhere else we’ve taken some time to reflect on how we move. Be flexible. The better you can […]

Stress-Free Moving Hacks

It’s time to move! A new chapter, a fresh start, and the pains of lifting every single thing you own it and putting it down somewhere else. Yes, the pains. The actual, literal, pains. If only apparition existed in the real world. Well, until then—here’s our short list of moving hacks that will cut down […]

Moving Soon? Keep These Tips in Mind

Moving day is approaching fast! Whether it’s your first move after college or your third in three years, moving day can still be a headache-inducing, hangry-ridden struggle bus.  Take a look at these moving tips to make the process a little easier. Route mail to your new address. Fill out this quick, easy form on […]

Gifts for Friends Who Help You Move

Ahh, the friends who help you move. In the grand scheme of friendship, they are the creme de la creme. Keep these folks around forever and make sure to feed them well. Check out our infographic below for some classic and clever gift ideas to show your appreciation. Note: If you’re having trouble finding a troupe […]