Midweek update: dreaming of endless sleep

So last weekend, I did a sleep reset. If only every weekend could be such a naptastic time. Getting consistent sleep during the week is tough—I’ll admit that with a few ounces of down-to-earthedness. Here’s what I learned about sleeping better:

Cranking down my thermostat before bed really helps.

My place starts cooling down around 9pm and it’s a really pleasant urging to go climb into my soft fluffy bed.

You should love your bed.

When I think about my bed I get all sorts of warm fuzzy feelings. I have LL Bean pima cotton sheets, a white fluffy down duvet, the squishiest, squashiest, comfiest mattress ever: shoutout to the mothership OSO. I also bought an adjustable bed base and I can’t believe old people were keeping this secret to themselves. I love it! I read in bed, I watch Netflix, and of course, it’s a nice feature for other bedroom activities as well. So anyway, when I think about going to bed—I’m pumped. It’s a great time. If you don’t love your bed, you should: poor sleep just isn’t worth it.

Charging my phone away from bed is smart.

It really is. But it’s also hard. I put it in the camp of flossing, wearing my retainer, and stretching before runs. I know I should do it. And sometimes I do, sometimes I slip, and then the cycle tends to repeat.

I’m happier and healthier when I’m well rested.

I had a noticeably better mood when I slept enough. Quality sleep definitely rose up the ranks of important things I should be doing more of: like exercising and eating healthy.

I should sleep more.

Weekend sleep resets are now going to be a thing. Like a cleanse, a bootcamp, but much more enjoyable. It’s an easy, really pleasant experience that helps me remember how important sleep is to living a happy, healthy life. Of course, it’s helpful to have carryover habits (for me, it’s morning exercise, a smitten crush on my bedroom oasis, cranking down the thermostat, and bumping up my bedtime (10pm y’all) that are now integrated into my everyday life.


It’s not too late. Make this weekend your sleep reset!