Well, that was awesome: my sleep reset weekend

Last weekend I did the sleep reset, and I’m here to report: it was awesome. (Try it yourself! Check out the ebook here).

You guys, it’s Monday. I’m alive, awake, alert, and enthusiastic. My coworkers may want to swat at me. If you aren’t ready for this enthusiasm quite yet, drink some coffee and revisit in an hour.

This is me before my sleep reset


As expected, I slept a lot this weekend. For the record, I’m an endurance sleeper, so don’t let these stats intimidate you (I’m especially sorry for those of you who are new mothers).

Total sleepground covered:

  • 9.5 hours slept per night
  • 10pm bedtime
  • 1 nap taken
  • 0 scary dreams
  • 2 cups of chai consumed
  • 1 afternoon yoga session
  • $8.99 spent on lavender bubble bath
  • 4 miles hiked in the morning
  • 0 fights with my guy
  • 2 days of hair styled by my pillow
  • 3 bottomless mimosas
  • 0 during-the-day yawns
  • 0.75 cups of chamomile tea
  • 11 comments about my calm glow (that last one is total BS. I just thought it sounded nice.)


Here’s my takeaway: the sleep reset weekend was a smashing success. I feel well rested, less stressed, and actually ready for Monday morning. Itching with insomniac envy? Try it for yourself! Take a pampering weekend with particular attention to your sleep hygiene. (Download the link to the sleep ebook here)

Cheers to a magical Monday!