OSO: Born in Detroit

Let’s talk about Detroit. This city is a bit of a phoenix, or so we hope. Detroit used to be called the Paris of the Midwest (not even by sleight of hand: the architecture in the city is gorgeous). Then there were race riots, white flight, suburban sprawl, and the dark days at the Big Three automakers during the great recession. More recently: bankruptcy, corruption, Flint water, and the plight of an entire city’s school system.

But if you take a few days to visit this enigmatic city, you’ll find abandoned lots giving way to new construction. You’ll find people who never left, determined to stay in the city where they first started life. Because Detroiters are a tenacious bunch.

So it is on that backdrop that OSO was born. A clean, bright, speckled mattress company nestled in the suburbs of the rebuilding city. The founders of OSO’s parent company, Reverie, decided to return to their roots and resettle their business back where they started: in Metro Detroit.  The reasons were simple from a business perspective: Detroit and the surrounding areas remain a deep pool of engineering talent and manufacturing; a byproduct of the still burgeoning auto industry, and Detroit has a low cost of living—a welcome advantage for starting a business (an already difficult endeavor). In fact, Detroit tops the list once again for cities where paychecks stretch the furthest. The conduciveness to business and the original family ties made Metro Detroit an easy choice for home base.

There is a lot of pride in Detroit. About Detroit. For Detroit. That’s why we want to feature area artists and the creativity coming out of this gritty, industrial region. You can read more about them here, here, and here. Besides— don’t we know—the best kind of rebuilding starts with a good night of sleep.