Detroit Artist Spotlight: Tim Gralewski

Tim Gralewski’s iconic style blends the genres of fine art and graphic design to create wall-worthy pieces with a modern twist. His work has an urban feel— clearly reminiscent of the industrial, gritty Detroit aesthetic. When we reached out to collaborate, Tim created this bold visual shoutout of his home city.

Name: Time Gralewski

Medium: Graphic Design/Fine Art

Do you dream in color? Always

How well do you sleep? I sleep pretty well, though I have a baby so it’s all relative.

What kind of sleeper are you (back, side, stomach)? Side sleeper

How is your artwork is shaped by Detroit? There’s a lot of urban decay here and there really is a lot of beauty in that decay.

Thoughts on Detroit? It’s not as bad as people make it out to be. All cities have their issues.

Food recommendations in the area? Supino Pizza in Eastern Market

What’s your favorite thing about the area? Eastern Market, Corktown, Midtown, and Belle Isle

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