Detroit Artist Spotlight: Dan Marceau

Dan is a recent graduate of the highly regarded College for Creative Studies in downtown Detroit where Dan specialized in illustration and motion graphics. Dan’s design work appears all over OSO, including the newly designed poster that arrives with every box (pictured here).

Name: Dan Marceau

Medium: Pen and ink, digital illustration

Do you dream in color? Yes! The funnier the dream, the more colorful. Scarier dreams are closer to black and white.

How do you sleep (back, side, stomach)? Side sleeper

How well do you sleep? Not very well. Art school really did a number on my sleep schedule. For the past year, I’ve been working to reverse the effects (the OSO is helping!).

How long have you lived in the Detroit area? 23 years

Favorite thing about the area? The Detroit Institute of Arts, and the people that come from all over to see the art. There’s some real treasures in there.

How is your artwork is shaped by Detroit? The city has a real love for craftsmanship and things made by hand, and I’ve started to incorporate more textured and imperfect qualities in both my traditional and digital work.

What’s your favorite thing in the area to be inspired by? Detroit’s buildings and landmarks. I’d draw them during my time at school, hoping I could get more of an idea of what these places were like back in the day.

Food recommendations in the area? Go to Mercury Burger Bar for a killer cheeseburger.

Any other thoughts on Detroit? Well, now I’m thinking about burgers. Try Green Dot Stables and take a chance on the mystery meat. Don’t forget the poutine!

You can see more of Dan’s work at