Business School Gear Guide Ad

Business School Gear Guide

Back to school after a jaunt in the 9-to-5 world? We’ve rounded up our favorite suggestions to get you through the next round of higher education with style and ease.

For the gentlemen:

Herschel Supply Co. Little America Backpack

A grown-up take on a childhood essential

Herschel Supply Co. Backpack

This backpack is the lobster mac and cheese to your childhood Kraft macaroni. It’s a step up from a classic and downright drool-worthy. Use this loyal hauling companion for between-class slogs and don’t be intimidated by the fancy rubber buckles (they’re snap closures in disguise). You’ll find durable materials, a roomy interior pocket, and a padded laptop sleeve in this spine-friendly design. Walk the line between suave professional and student at heart. From $100

For the ladies:

Lululemon Urbanite Backpack

The perfect excuse to ditch the shoulder bag

Lululemon Backpack

The sleek lines on this Lulu bag are just as much at home in the classroom as at the gym, making this backpack your new go-to stasher. What’s more, you’ll remember the spine-aligning powers of two straps, and be especially thankful when you’re toting laptop, water bottle, books, and lunch all over campus. This bag was conveniently designed for quick phone access, a padded laptop sleeve, and hefty loads—it’s weight tested to hold 50 pounds. From $128

Bang & Olufsen H8 Headphones

A perfect pair for silence, symphonies, or studying

Beoplay H8 Headphones

Create library soundscapes wherever you go with these noise-cancelling, wireless headphones. The H8 from B&O cuddles ears with lambskin and memory foam, and they delight eardrums with uncompromising sound quality. Invest now into the stylish H8 from Bang & Olufsen and you’ll see an immediate ROI during day-long study sessions. Plus, this pair transitions effortlessly into your future jetsetting lifestyle. From $499

Spotify Premium Subscription

Music to your ears untouched by commercials


If you’re going to spend money on a subscription service, our vote is for Spotify premium—especially during the school year. Why? Well, you’re less likely to give in to the temptation of spending your entire Saturday on binge-watching your favorite show if you don’t have a Netflix account, and you’re going to love commercial-free music every single hour of your studying existence. What’s more: students get half off. $5/month

Hydroflask 16 oz. Coffee To-Go Tumbler

Bring a little fresh mountain air to corporate culture

Hydro Flask

Oh how we love Hydroflask. That feeling you get when you drink out of one: as if your evening plans consist of traipsing up a mountain. Bring some outdoorsy inspiration to the classroom by toting around one of these durable tumblers. Its double-wall insulation keeps coffee piping hot and cold drinks clinking with ice for hours. If you want to leave a few moments of treat-yourselfing to a few weeks into school, we also recommend sporting a tumbler from your new favorite coffeeshop. From $25

Apple iPhone 6SE/7

We know, it’s not released yet—but we’re voting to wait for it


The internet is spinning with Apple rumors and a purported September reveal for the new iPhone. If you’re looking to refresh your current phone, we say hold on a bit longer until you see Apple’s hand of cards in September. At best, it may include a better camera, more water resistance, a sleeker design, and an updated processor. At it’s worst, it will be a nicer version of the 6S (which is a pretty nice phone to start with). Even if you opt for a different phone, wait for the unveiling to make your decision. We know, patience is hard.

OSO mattress

For sleeping your way to the top


Here’s an afterthought of business school: your bed. While many go the IKEA route for a makeshift bed during this temporary stage of life, we are strong proponents of spending your money where you spend your time—and let’s be honest—a large portion of your student life is spent in bed (insert celebration orchestra playing now). What’s more, research shows time and again the importance of sleep in learning, memory, health, and mood. We’re unabashedly partial to the OSO mattress: it’s made with healthy, good-for-you materials, ships free, and it’s designed specifically to move with you—this mattress can be folded in half to move in the back of your vehicle after you graduate. From $700

Dell XPS 13 Laptop

The responsible choice that you won’t regret


Sure, Macbooks are sleek and great for creative endeavors, but our vote in B School comes down to practicality. You want an operating system that runs the stalwarts of the business world—Excel and PowerPoint—like a champ. Our heart is slightly pained to admit this, but we suggest buying a PC for your MBA. Our pick is the ultra-portable XPS 13 laptop from Dell—weighing in at a slim 2.7 pounds and impressively clocking almost 12 hours of battery life. The carbon fiber and aluminum body pair with an infinity display screen to make this laptop a logical choice that’s far from stodgy. From $799

Scott Sub 10 Speed Bike

The ultimate campus commuter

Scott Sports Bike

The best way to zoom around campus is definitely on two wheels. Check out our bike pick from Scott: a modern urban commuter that’s the perfect balance of low maintenance and big technology with an internal alfine hub and gates carbon drive. Add hydraulic disk brakes, a sturdy aluminum frame, and a slick paint job and you have your ideal commuter for classes and beyond.

For the gentlemen:

Johnston & Murphy Hannigan Cap Toe Shoes

Put your best foot forward

Johnston & Murphy Shoe

Stay classy and comfortable with these shoes from Johnston & Murphy. If you’ve been in the office for a few years, by now you surely realize the value of a well-built shoe. There’s no scrimping on this pair: the Italian calfskin is brushed by hand for its rich blonde tones and you’ll get miles and miles out of this premium shoe. From $230

Lululemon Propel Polo

Your new favorite shirt

Propel Polo

Wear this versatile polo to the office, in classes, on a date, or at a casual cookout. It’s ultra comfortable with sweat-wicking fabric, and it’s one of those shirts that doesn’t get much closet time because it’s either on or in the laundry. From $88

For the ladies:

Zella ‘Enlighten Me’ Cardigan

Say goodbye to business casual as soon as possible


After the button-up shirts and pencil skirts of the work world, there’s nothing better than slipping into a cozy-as-slippers cardigan and going about your day. Sturdy fabric and the long silhouette of the Zella cardigan make this piece the perfect companion to your post-workout yoga pants outfit.

Hunter Original Tall Rainboot

Make a splash

Hunter Boots

During your undergrad days, you may have made it through campus on a slippery soled pair of not-so-waterproof boots. This time around, you have the chance for a do-over and hopefully the disposable income too. We picked the Hunter original tall rain boots for their dual functional and fashionable status. Choose from a trove of delightful colors and add a pair of Hunter’s adorable boot socks to keep feet toasty for chillier climates. Say goodbye to soggy socks forever.

Chemex Coffee Maker

A thing of beauty

Coffee Maker

Ah, coffee—the gasoline of the business world. The sleek hourglass design of the Chemex makes the creative world drool while the sturdy non-porous borosilicate gives you a pure cup of joe every time. Pair with unbleached Chemex filters and your favorite artisanal coffee grounds to trendily fuel your way through school. Drink up. From $41