3D Raum mit Umzugskisten und Bett

The OSO philosophy of moving

Deeper thoughts than what you might expect from a mattress company.

Moving to a different place? We’ve been there too. Between to-do lists, packing lists, logistics, and the angsty excitement resulting from picking up and settling down somewhere else we’ve taken some time to reflect on how we move.

Be flexible.

The better you can squish, squash, applesauce to the curveballs of life, the better shape you’ll be in after it’s over. Fold when you need to. Rotate when you have to. Adaptable animals survive the best. And you, my friend, are an adaptable animal.

Travel light.

Get rid of things you don’t need (for us, that meant getting rid of metal coils and box springs. Didn’t need ‘em. We’re lighter and more movable because of it). What’s weighing you down as excess? We promise, you won’t miss most of it!

Breathe in. Breathe out. Repeat.

We’re full of good-for-you materials so those breathing exercises are safe, healthy things around us (wouldn’t you know that’s not the case for many mattresses?!). #humblebrag

But really, take deep breaths. Lots of them. Breath good air. Breathe clean air. Stress tends to evaporate after a few good breathing sessions.

Know what you need when you need it.

At OSO, we believe that you don’t always need the same thing at the same time. After moving boxes all day, your body may prefer to lie on a fluffy cloud. After a few weeks, you might want firm support to carry you through the night. We give you both—and let you switch to the other when you need it.

Be comfortable in your own skin.

You’ll be making a lot of first impressions if you’re moving to a new place. You know what acts like a nice-lighting Instagram filter to your real-life self? Confidence. It makes the eyes sparklier, the skin glowy-er, and the smile better. We are OSO-comfortable in our stretchy mattress-cover skin. It’s soft, breathable, and speckly on the sides. We like that. We think you’ll like us too!

The inside counts.

To go along with that glow of confidence, your inner sparkle is more visible than you realize. When you peel back our layers you’ll find good-for-you materials that are all cushy and cuddly without any spikes. Make your insides count!

Be the first to say hello.

Get ready to be braver than brave when you’re new. Be the first to say hello. Talk to new people. Make a coffee date. As for us, if this is our first meeting, we’d love to say hello to you!

You’re cool. You really are.

Making friends can be exceptionally hard if you’ve never moved before. It’s kind of like a skill and if it’s a new to you, you’ll probably be sore for awhile until you figure it out. Remember: you’re cool. You really are. Friends will come, but they take time (in the meantime, we’d like to remind you we have a teddy-bear-OSO-soft side that will be comforting in the meantime).

Sleep it off.

Bad days happen. That’s an unfortunate guarantee. However, when they do, they will finish and you will go to sleep, and you will wake up. Then it will be a new day. Our personal suggestion: go to bed as early as possible on bad days—it makes them end sooner.


Moving is frenetic. Don’t forget to slow down and settle into your new space. Drink some tea, take an afternoon nap. Rest up. You’ve got lots of adventures ahead!