Stress-Free Moving Hacks

It’s time to move! A new chapter, a fresh start, and the pains of lifting every single thing you own it and putting it down somewhere else. Yes, the pains. The actual, literal, pains. If only apparition existed in the real world. Well, until then—here’s our short list of moving hacks that will cut down on moving stress and save your sanity as you switch from one address to the next.

1. Get rid of things!


The less stuff you have, the less stuff you have to move. Sell items on Craigslist, donate to a good cause, or give to friends.

2. Pack an overnight bag


Save yourself from becoming a mad honey badger digging through boxes: keep everything you need for the first night in one place. Use this photo as a reference, but don’t forget to add some undergarments (we refrained from airing ours out on the internet).

3. Set up a moving supplies bin


Take a clear plastic bin (for easy spotting) and fill it with your moving supplies. We’ve laid out a clutch setup above and you’ll be in good shape with these pieces. For those that aren’t familiar with a Mr. Clean® Magic Eraser (the white foam rectangle pictured above), it does wonders for getting scuffs and scratches off of walls.

4. Leave yourself a set of utensils


Whether you opt for disposable plates or dig up your camping mess kit, pick one as a substitute while your kitchen is in boxes.

5. Take pictures of rooms before disassembling


Photos travel light and serve as a good reminder of “what went where” in your new place (how soon we forget). Another plus: room photos can serve as visual checklists as you take inventory and make sure everything made it to your new space.

6. Cut handles in moving boxes


Slice a triangle in the side of moving boxes with an X-acto® knife to make life easier during moving day.

7. Take a photo of your cords before you unplug


Your mess of cords will need to be recreated once again in your new place. Take a quick snap of the setup for reference.

8. Label boxes on the side


This one seems obvious, but moving day brings a lot of stresses so we’ll just mention it once. Boxes labeled on the side will be much more helpful during a move than boxes labeled on the top (since boxes tend to be stacked in the process of moving).

9. Use cling wrap for your drawers

StressFreeMoving-12Dressers are heavy. By taking out the drawers, you’ll bring them down to a manageable size. Use cling wrap or Glad Press’n Seal® to keep drawer contents in place.

10. Secure nightstand drawers

StressFreeMoving-13Nightstands and end tables aren’t heavy enough to deserve the de-drawer treatment, but a quick wraparound from cling wrap will prevent drawers from sliding out during a move (and save you a few curse words in the process).

11. Don’t forget to check under the bed


Under-bed storage can be a forgotten nook while packing the rest of your space. Don’t forget to scan under your bed for accumulated items, and pack up anything (especially items of potential embarrassment) when the bed is moved by friends.

12. Buy a mattress bag


A heavy duty mattress protector will cost you $10-$15 on Amazon and keep your mattress clean from rough-and-tumble moving. We strongly recommend a mattress protector if you’re going to be moving your mattress with a pickup truck as a protective layer against dust, grime, and potential rain.

13. Skip the mattress protector and use your sheets


No time for a mattress protector? No need for the extra protection? Use two fitted sheets to encase the mattress and wash them when you get to your new place.

14. Upgrade your mattress


If your bed is meh, moving is a good time to look for an upgrade (need help deciding? Check out this guide). We’re highly biased toward the OSO mattress that will come to your current or new address in a small box that can navigate tight staircases (and did we mention free shipping?). This bed in particular is designed for moving with handles, a removable cover that can be dry-cleaned, and the ability to be folded like a taco for easy future moves.

15. Tape bed frame screws to the frame


You’ll thank us on the other side. Bed screws have a tendency to wander away during moves and this method keeps everything neat, tidy, and together for when you want to set up your bed in your new place—which in our case is the first order of business.

16. Leave a box or bags for your bedding


Chances are you’ll be moving in the morning and sleeping in your bed the night before. Don’t forget to leave a box or three for your bedding. Toss and go!