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OSO: We Care About Your Sleep

Hi there. We’re OSO: a gaggle of folks who really, really care about sleep and getting a good night of it. We’re new to you, but we’re not new to the whole sleeping thing. In fact, we think of ourselves as a straight-up sleep technology company and we have a team of ping-pong playing engineers who spend their days thinking about how YOU can have your best night of sleep yet.

Our parent company has been making beds for the rich and famous for the last ten years, but we wanted to take that attention to quality and detail and the reams of research on mattress technology and whip it into something a little more accessible for those that might be buying their very first mattress on their own (and aren’t quite rich or famous yet).

Stay with us for our 30-second pitch. It’s salesy, but it’s a good one. At OSO, we want to make sleeping easy. When you buy our beds, we take out the middlemen, we take out the price haggling, and ship it straight to your door for free. You get: Ease. Efficiency. A great price. A great mattress.

What’s more: the bed is soft on one end and firm on the other, so you can find your preference and change it depending on your life stage. When it arrives, just unroll it in your room of choice. You can set it straight on the floor, elevate it with pallets, or even your old IKEA slatted frame (no box spring needed). Plus, take 101 nights to decide if this bed is right for you. If it’s not: no hard feelings. We’ll arrange to pick it up and deliver it to a charity in your area.

We’ve got a host of certifications that translate to “we’re high quality” and “we care about you and the environment.” Our sleep system has a lot of fancy words behind it, but here’s the shortcut: we layer awesome, high-quality foam with more awesome, high-quality foam and patented DreamCell™ technology. All of this cushiony goodness is layered together and topped with buttercream frosting…just kidding. It’s actually topped with a delightfully knit gray cover that is impossibly soft.

Inside the OSO mattress


We know there are a lot of mattresses out there. We hope you get to know us. Because we make a kickin’ product and we want you to know about it. So check us out at Rest easy.