Inside the OSO mattress

Inside the OSO mattress

People know that sleep is important to their health. And mattresses are a part of that equation. But, finding the right mattress with the right certifications will get you much closer to a healthy night of sleep. It’s important to do your research when buying a new mattress to ensure you aren’t replacing your old mattress with a mattress full of toxic chemicals and materials that ultimately can cause you harm, even if you’re sleeping well.

The OSO mattress is made with some pretty good materials if you ask us. It’s so good, even the experts have given us their approval.

Here’s a breakdown of our mattress, layer by layer:

Top knit mattress cover, OEKO-TEK certified

Even if your mattress is covered with sheets, it can still irritate your skin. Our covers are made with a soft and resilient material designed to be incredibly gentle on your skin. Sheets don’t protect your skin from exposure to pesticides, VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) or carcinogens within a mattress, but because our top knit cover is free of any harmful chemicals, we have earned a OEKO-TEK Certification, ensuring that it is a sleep-safe surface for you and your body.

Latex support layer, OEKO-TEK certified

The first layer of our mattress is made up entirely of latex. It’s kind of a miracle material when it comes to mattresses. Remember when you learned about dust mites in your mattress as a child and never forgot? Well, we didn’t either. So we included this anti-bacterial and dust mite-resistant material within our mattresses to keep things under control. The other thing we’re able to control by using latex is body temperature. It’s breathable. No “sweating the bed” with our mattress as latex keeps your body cool. Because the latex is free of pesticides, carcinogens and VOCs, this material also has received the OEKO-TEK certification. Latex is long-lasting and extremely durable—so while your sleep preferences may change over time, your mattress will not.

DreamCell™ foam springs

The soft side of our mattress is made up of foam springs we created out of latex to replace traditional mattress springs (because, let’s face it, those really had to go). We call them DreamCell springs. Get it? Because they’re made from latex, they’re durable and will not deteriorate over time. They’re designed to promote breathability through the entire mattress (no stale air trapped in your mattress!) and the latex continues to help regulate body temperature. Who knew a mattress could work so hard to keep you sound asleep?

RevTech Foam, Certi-PUR certified

This is the polyurethane foam foundation of our mattress. With a puzzled look, a friend recently asked, “How is foam made?” She was concerned because nothing about foam felt natural. Many mattress brands use foam that is a collection of a lot of bad, wasteful materials—leading you to sleep on a material that could be leaking toxins. Our certification means that the foam we use contains no mercury, lead or other heavy metals as well as no formaldehydes, VOCs or off-gassing. Thank goodness, right?

If you’ve already committed to getting a new mattress, make sure you’re making the healthiest choice by relying on certifications to provide credibility. Have questions? Ask us on Facebook.