What sheets are right for YOU?

Matching yourself with the right sleep system is like finding the right running shoe or ski boot. Everyone’s bone structure, body types, comfort preferences, and even internal thermometers vary. The bed that your friends are making is very different from what’s right for you. Finding the right mattress is one thing, but the sheets you choose are important, too. Sheets are a big component of a rewarding night’s rest—they help regulate body temperate, can trigger a calming mood and eliminate exposure to allergy triggers within your sleep environment.

Let’s find the right sheets for you for a better night’s rest. First, here’s a breakdown of what the options are:

Combed cotton: has gone through a process to remove shorter fibers and any impurities in the material, which creates a smooth, soft fabric.

Egyptian cotton: A type of long-staple cotton grown only in Egypt. It is often dubbed as the higher-end option for the sheet market and known as the strongest, most beautiful and lustrous cotton produced. The higher the thread count (200+), the more luxurious they are.

Flannel: A blend of various cottons. The quality for flannel is not measured by thread count (because of how it is made), but in ounces of material per square yard of fabric. Flannel bed sheets are highly popular for their warmth and are often used in baby, children’s or college student’s better. They are often affordable.

Italian linen: A luxurious fabric made only in Italy from the long-staple cotton that is grown only in Egypt. The lustrous cotton and the processes used in Italy to create the fabric are of such a high quality that bed sheets of this material are truly luxury items. They are very expensive!

Muslin: A cotton that is rougher yet tougher than others. Muslin is frequently used in children’s bedding and printed with shapes or figures or for duvet covers. When used, it is often combined with other types of bedding. During washing, this fabric tends to “pill” and fade more than other bed sheets.

Percale: A combed and close-woven cloth made of either cotton-polyester blends or 100-percent cotton. It is finer and softer than muslin. Because of their polyester blend, percale sheets have a very low wrinkle factor (whew!).

Pima cotton: Have a silky, soft feeling. Pima is grown only in Australia, Peru and in the United States in Pima, Arizona.

Sateen: A weave, not a fiber. It is a certain weave of natural fibers and cotton and should never be confused with silk. Sateen sheets are produced in a unique four-threads-over-one-thread method of weaving, which gives these bed sheets their unique feel.

Satin: Also a weave, not a fiber. Woven of wool, cottons, acetate, polyester, silk or other materials. All weaves of satin bed sheets are very smooth and sleek.

Silk fiber: Known to be more desirable and luxurious than any other sheets. Silk threads are longer than any other because each single fiber of the silkworm cocoon, unwound, can reach 1600 feet. This makes silk fibers very delicate and extremely strong. Silk is versatile and elegant and is the only fabric we use that has a history going back more than 3,000 years.

Okay, so what sheets are right for you? Which of the following describes your needs?

A Hot Sleeper

Combed Cotton


Egyptian Cotton

Pima Cotton


Italian Linen

2. Allergy Prone

Organic cotton

Note: For allergy prone individuals, it’s important to wash your sheets frequently and be mindful of the detergent you are using (use an allergy-free detergent).

3. Always cold

Flannel (cozy, too!)

Note: For you cold sleepers, layering is important. While flannel sheets absorb heat well, you’ll need to layer a lot of blankets to stay as warm as possible.

4. Want to invest in your sleep system 

Egyptian Cotton


Make some changes to your sleep system by finding the right sheets and you’ll sleep great. And, discovering great sleep reminds you how much a good night’s rest truly influences the rest of your day. Who knew sheets were such a crucial household item? Keep us posted on your sleep journey on Facebook or Instagram!


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