OSO x Witchoria Collaboration

She’s young, creative, talented and the Instagram community has taken note. Witchoria’s Victoria Siemer has found her own radical and contemporary take on photographic storytelling showcasing images that beautifully combine make-believe with reality. Her images create fantasies that somehow feel familiar but that we’ve never seen before. Once we started seeing more of Witchoria’s work featuring beds (like this one), we reached out to see if she needed a new mattress. She did. Her OSO arrived on her Brooklyn doorstep within days and the brainstorming began.

The images Witchoria created with her OSO are self-portraits that show a revived and rested young woman, ready to take on the day. With simple set design, these images are all about the subject and the mattress—the two most important components to your bedroom and a good night’s rest.


Here, Witchoria is magically drifting off to dreamland.

Witchoria is loving her new OSO—it’s even inspired her to invest in good bedding. We love when our friends see the power of a comfortable good night’s rest.

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