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The Layout of Your Room Can Affect Your Sleep

When you’re having trouble sleeping, you often make changes to your routine (more exercise, less coffee, Sleepytime Tea before bed) but have you changed the way your bedroom is arranged? If not, you should. It works. It really, really works. Feng shui is a practice based on the idea that our homes are a symbol of what is happening inside us. And often, if they are not arranged correctly, it can have an affect on our physical and mental well-being (crazy, right?!).

Even if you don’t believe in this approach, we encourage you to try out some of our quick fixes inspired by feng shui because–coming from experience–your surroundings can truly influence how you sleep:

Avoid running electricity behind your bed.

While this can be a tough one with bedside lighting, try to avoid plugging any wiring in behind your bed. The energy from the electricity can make it hard for your body to “unplug.” Do not rest your laptop or phone next to your bed when you are done with them–be sure to put them in a drawer or another room.

Don’t sleep with your phone.

We dare you to try this one. Get a battery-operated alarm clock (that’s right–not electric!) and keep your phone in another room. Give it a shot for a week and you’ll see you’re falling asleep quicker and waking up feeling more refreshed.

Add plants.

Often, the bedroom is the last place that people think to put their house plants. Partially because they aren’t seen by others if they’re hiding in the bedroom. But, adding plants to your bedroom can filter air, oxygenate your bedroom and promote calming effects, all ultimately affecting your sleep pattern. Hey, if you don’t believe us, you’ll believe NASA, right?

A few plants that are known to influence your sleep patterns include: aloe vera, gardenia, bamboo palm and peace lily.

Plus, you’ll want to spend a lot more time in your bedroom once there is more life in there!

Remove storage from under the bed.

Storing things (clothing, mementos, electronics, etc.) under your bed can cause a variety of issues when it comes to your sleep pattern. Not only are those items sending out energy all night long, but they also can make you feel as though your space is cluttered. While you cannot see them, you still know they are there. And that is enough to keep you from relaxing during sleep.

Rearrange where your bed is placed in your room.

Your bed is where you spend the most time in your room. It’s extremely important to have your bed in the right place, according to feng shui. When your bed is properly placed, it is said to provide security and better sleep. Here are some things to consider when evaluating your bedroom arrangements:

  • Ideal placement for your bed is diagonally across from the door.
  • Avoid placing your bed in front or underneath a window.
  • Never place your bed so your feet would point directly at the door.
  • From your bed, you should have a clear view of the room and door, and have your head against something solid like a wall.
  • Never place your bed on a wall shared by the bathroom.

Rotate your mattress.

Perhaps you thought you preferred a firm surface for sleep but you’re having trouble finding a comfortable spot on your mattress. When you’re sleeping on an OSO, you have the ability to choose between two levels of firmness (soft or firm) with one mattress by rotating your mattress 180 degrees, accommodate a change in preference or to explore exactly what is right for you.

We found some great answers on feng shui for bedrooms here. If you have questions about your own personal space, please write to us on our Facebook wall and we’d love to help you get answers! We’d love to see what you’ve done: tag us on Facebook or Instagram (#ososleepy) with your before/after pictures.