How Old of a Mattress Would You Sleep On?

Where is your limit when it comes to sleeping on old mattresses? 25 years old? 50 years old?

Try 400 years old.

An article in the Telegraph explains this well-loved mattress and accompanying frame belonged to 15 generations of the Royal residents of the Berkeley Castle in the UK (and is still slept on!). Its carvings tell the story of the family’s very rich, very royal history that can be traced back to 1066. That’s a truly historic bed (and some impressive craftsmanship).

The Berkeley family’s descendants and keepers of the castle assert that this is the most comfortable bed in the estate: “Sleeping in such a wonderfully historic bed conveys a real feeling of British history,” says Georgina Berkeley. We wonder what the other beds in the castle could possibly be made of to pale in comparison to a mattress so old.

Then again, we’ve never slept on a 400-year-old mattress. Consumer Reports say that there’s no hard and fast “rule” for how often a mattress should be replaced, but recent ads strongly suggest that it be replaced every eight years. Maybe, like the finest wine, a royal mattress just gets better with time.

Or, maybe Georgina Berkeley has simply never tried an OSO.